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Driver Fittings

Get a maximum distance and accuracy by getting fit for your driver! We utilize FLIGHTSCOPE Launch Monitor to dial in the best driver specs including Loft, shaft and flex for your game.

Driver Fitting (by appointment only)
Approx. 45 Minutes $60

Iron Fittings

Want more distance? No Accuracy? Missing your target? You often blame your swing, but the problem may very well be improperly fit irons that are not appropriate for your swing. We check and fit for your iron's lie angle, length, shaft type and flex and grip.

Iron Fitting (by appointment only)
Approx. 60 Minutes $90

Complete Bag Fittings

If you are looking for new woods and irons, Full Bag Fitting is for you! We utilize FLIGHTSCOPE for all the club fitting to dial in the best shaft type and flex, length, lie, and loft. By detailed fitting, we can recommend the best club set up in your bag.

Full Bag Fitting (by appointment only)
Approx. 90 Minutes $150

Club Repair

The Lawrence Peformance Center is your one-stop shop for all your golf needs...including club repair and customization. We offer a general club repair performed by our Professional Staff:

  • Reshafting woods and/or irons
  • Lie and Loft adjustments
  • Regripping Service
  • Lengthen and shorten the club length
  • And more...
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